About Me
Fashion Influences

Understanding my client’s way of life is important to me. Whether they are using their favourite colours, pictures and possessions or beginning with nothing, this close relationship is the best starting point for any decoration project. I have a family background in textiles and trained as a bookbinder so texture, colour and fine finishing are important to me.

Fashion influences interior decoration to a degree but by combining classic French and Italian influences with my high regard for english style and comfort I aim to transcend datelines and create rooms that are both functional, visually beautiful and stimulating. I believe excellent workmanship is imperative and my team are tried and trusted. We work from architect’s drawings and can advise on lighting and integrated audio-visual systems as well as computer technology.

I am happy to work on a single room as well as new-build, refurbishment or restoration. Our lifestyles are changing and generally becoming more relaxed. Rooms are often multi-functioning and living areas are now more likely to be open-plan. An excellent sense of spatial planning is a major part of my function. Light is more important than ever. Maximising daylight and providing mood lighting by layering the source of light can improve ambience and give a sense of greater space.

A good part of any interior decoration project is the ability to mix periods and styles without losing harmony and comfort. Equally if a client wants a single style it is crucial that texture, colour and pattern are co-ordinated to prevent rooms appearing lifeless. Judicious changes in light and shade and shape and size bring rooms to life.